Turbo Ventilator with Polycarbonate Base Plate

Turbo Ventilator with Polycarbonate Base Plate

Turbo Ventilator Manufacturer, Polycarbonate base plates are used to assemble and fix Turbo Ventilators on roofs. We can manufacture these base plates in matching to all roofing profiles according to our client’s needs. Our Expertise in Roofing Products enables us to design base plates matching with metal sheet precision, thus eliminating the possibility of leakage.

Poly carbon base plates can be used for factories, warehouses, Workshops & Industries sheds. Our Turbo Ventilator Polycarbonate Base Plates are manufactured using Vacuum Thermoforming Machines. Only 100% virgin Polycarbonate Resin is used for the manufacture of our premium range of Turbo Ventilator Polycarbonate Base Plate.


  • Improving the working shop floor conditions naturally
  • By reducing the lighting load due to the use of daylight
  • Reducing the exhaust fans load
  • Reducing the replacement & maintenance cost of lights & exhaust fans
  • Get accelerated depreciation as its an energy saving device driven by wind
  • Improved working environment and aesthetics by dynamically moving devices
  • Attractive aesthetic to the building and also environmental friendly may qualify for carbon credits, Turbo Ventilator Manufacturer.

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