Multiwall Poly Carbonate sheets

Multiwall Poly Carbonate sheets

Multiwall Polycarbonate sheets inherit light transmission and they have high impact strength. Their lightweight and thermal insulation from polycarbonate resin help in the hollow structures strengthen the performance of the material and so they are used in extensive applications.

A polycarbonate sheet is transparent Corrugated/Clear sheets used in combination with Steel sheets or as it is to enable natural lighting into the steel buildings and industrial sheds. Polycarbonate sheets are an environment-friendly green global product. Strip lights can be combined into any architectural structure. Light transmission is 40% to 72% in embossed and 40% to 90% in the solid compact sheet. The Sheets can be produced in flexible widths and lengths.


  • The Multiwall Polycarbonate sheets are an ideal choice for soundproofing.
  • They are used in soundproofing expressways and big stadiums.
  • They are used in stadiums in schools, public building and in big gardens.

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