Colour Coated Coil

Colour Coated Coil

A colour coated coil has revolutionized architectural and industrial design. It is a high-performance technique for applying a continuous coating to sheet metal, which results in a vivid look while the base metal exhibits higher durability even in tough weathering conditions.

Advanced processing and colour coating techniques ensure that the coating adheres firmly to the base metal and does not peel off during roll forming, bending or any other process – colour coated coil price in India. Uniform thickness of the colour coating, extra smooth surfaces, availability in attractive colours and value for money making product range truly valuable in comparison with any conventional product.

Pre Painted Galvanized Steel Coils

When hot-dip galvanized steel is painted, the duplex system provides a more sophisticated manner of corrosion protection. The galvanized coating protects the base steel by providing both cathodic and barrier protection. The paint coating acts as barrier protection for the hot-dip galvanized coating and significantly reduces the corrosion rate of the zinc colour coated coil price in India.

The increased lifetime that can be provided with a combination of paint over galvanized steel makes this type of corrosion protection system very attractive for structures designed to last a long time in aggressive atmospheres.

Product Range

Thickness 0.30mm - 0.60mm
Width 1220mm
Zinc coating 100 gsm - 275 gsm
Colours As per RAL catalogue
Paint system Epoxy / RMP / SMP / SDP / PU / PVDF
Coil weight Up to 10 Tons