Sandwich PUF Insulated Panels

What is Sandwich PUF Insulated Panels?

A Polyurethane (PU) Foam Panel or Sandwich PUF panel is a thermally insulating panel which is a layer of material sandwiched between Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel (PPGI) and Pre-Painted Galvalume Steel (PPGL). Sandwich PUF panels are popular building construction materials that are used to envelop structures. These offer both functional also as aesthetic features and possess the best qualities of low thermal conductivity ensuring the indoors are completely insulated.


Types Of Sandwich Panels

Viraat Industries provide a wide range of thickness for Sandwich PUF Insulated panels from 30mm to 75mm. Depending on the thickness, Sandwich PUF panel can be used in various application areas such as in Building Roofing, Building Walls, Ceiling etc.
Viraat Puf Panel Baby Ribbed Finish on Inner and Outer in Plain Color Coated Galvalume Sheet with CHC/HCFC Free Polyurethane Foam as the core is injected between 2 sheets with Highly Sophisticated Computer Controlled Foaming Machine.
The Sandwich Insulated PUF Panel is Manufactured in a Continuous Line Production Method. Panels comprising of exterior baby ribs and 1000mm cover the width and Total width of 1070mm. Polyurethane Foam Density of 40+- 2kg/m3.
Viraat PUF Insulated Panel will provide a wide range of colors as per the customer demand and industry standards.

Few of the colors are listed below

Application Areas of Sandwich PUF Insulated Panel